Corporate Overview

SINTERA is a consulting company that is committed to meeting the needs of its clients through the delivery of effective and innovative solutions.  With considerable experience in the health care sector, they offer a full range of analytical services including policy development, business analysis and drug evaluations. 

One of SINTERA’s greatest assets is its network of consulting professionals.  Our company has developed strong working relationships with a variety of consultants including management consultants and health care professionals (e.g., pharmacists, physicians and nurses).  The network assures that SINTERA projects are completed on time, efficiently and with the appropriate level of expertise.

SINTERA has considerable experience in both the public and private sectors, and has particular skill in marshalling resources to bring effective and efficient resolution to challenging requirements in the health care field. 

SINTERA was founded in 1998 by two pharmacists.  Pat Carruthers-Czyzewski, with a Masters of Science degree in Pharmacology, previously worked in hospital pharmacy specializing in drug information.  Louise Travill comes from a background of both military pharmacy as well as association work through which she acquired program development and technology expertise.  Their complementary skill sets were the foundation for establishing SINTERA.